Wildlife Garden “Mini -Video Tour” -update

Last July I made a little “video tour” of my garden to show just how small it was and what I’d achieved in a matter of just a few months. Since that time, my garden has started to mature and attract a lot more wildlife. I thought this would be a good time, then, to make an updated “video tour” showing how much more my little wildlife garden has developed 12 months further on . Its a lot different !

Above. How the “garden” looked in January 2018

Below. A little video tour showing how the garden looks in July 2019

*Note. This video is best watched in HD. Please click on the cogwheel icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video , click on “quality” and select 720 or 1008p HD


2 thoughts on “Wildlife Garden “Mini -Video Tour” -update

  1. Hi keith,
    Unfortunately, I’m unable to play any of your videos they always come up with, “Error has occurred. Please try again later” I’m not sure, if this is because I use android.
    Love your blog, always inspired by what you share.
    Thanks, Jane


    • Thanks very much Jane . Glad you like the blog. I’ve recently had the same issue with trying to watch the videos on firefox browsers yet they work fine in chrome and in safari (mac browser) . Maybe try one of those if you’re able too?


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