The Big Garden Birdwatch – this weekend!

The annual Big Garden Birdwatch is happening this weekend . And its so easy for anybody to take part. You just need to spend an hour recording which birds arrive in your garden or backyard and then complete the RSPB’s online form. This Saturday, I’ll be sitting at my kitchen table for an hour , with coffee and cake , recording which birds arrive on my bird feeders during my allotted 60 minuets . Its so easy to do and a great way to find out which birds are visiting your own little patch . You might be surprised! For more information about how to take part just click here

Why is the Big Garden Birdwatch so important?

Its a brilliant “citizen science” project which has been taking place annually for 40 years, with well over half a million people regularly taking part in the UK.

Big Garden Birdwatch allows scientists to monitor the population and distribution trends of our wonderful birds, helping to identify which birds are doing well in the UK as well as those which are in decline. Armed with the hard data gathered during the big garden birdwatch really helps them in their campaigns to protect vital habitats and safeguard the future of our feathered friends. And if you’ve not got a birdfeeder already, then you’ve still got time to pop down to your local garden centre or supermarket and stock up. I get my birdfood and feeders from Wilcos as I find they have a really good range . Happy Garden Birdwatching!


One thought on “The Big Garden Birdwatch – this weekend!

  1. UPDATE: Well, during 2019’s Big Garden Birdwatch I sat diligently at my kitchen table ,with notepad and coffee in hand, and recorded all the birds I saw in my garden during my allotted 60 minuets : 3 Magpies, 3 Starlings, 2 Blue Tits and a single Robin…all duly submitted online. Considering the garden was effectively started from scratch last year and has yet to develop any decent sized shrubs and small tree cover , I’m quite pleased with the results . As the garden matures and develops more shrubby and small tree cover , I’m hopeful that they’ll be a greater number and variety of birds visiting in time for 2020’s #BigGardenBirdwatch.


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