Birds come to feed….at last!

I few months ago I set up some peanut and bird seed feeders in my garden as well as a home made birdtable. I sited them fairly near to my kitchen window so that I could easily watch any feathered friends who happened pop by for food whilst I was washing the dishes or cooking.  For a while, I seemed to have had hardly any visitors at all due , in all probability, to it having been been a fairly mild winter. Over the past few days, however, its been getting a lot colder and so I was delighted to see a couple of starlings  feeding on the suet cake on the birdtable this morning and a couple of blue tits on the peanut feeder.

So far, I’ve also seen robins, blackbirds and goldfinches in the garden and look forward to seeing many more now that the temperature is dropping. Setting up birdfeeders is one of the easiest and quickest  ways to start attracting wildlife in to your garden …and also one of the most rewarding. Some great tips and advice on setting up your own birdfeeders can be seen on the RSPB’s website here


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